The Unknowns Saga Wiki

First appeared in volume 3, the most noticeable thing people see is the 3D while everything else is 2D. The fighter jets are also in 3D, U.A.U.I.M controls them with programming and sometimes adds small parts of itself in the jets. U.A.U.I.M has many creditable first achievements which include the first voice, first 3D character, first non-gender, first stratum development (sociology) and first real threat to the living Unknowns. Unlike all other Unknowns U.A.U.I.M can build its form without stratum development and return to normal without any trouble. History behind U.A.U.I.M can be found in Achillary which starts off as Emma and ends with U.A.U.I.M leaving dream world, later appears in chapter 3.0 where Ie travels to Sri's world, and lastly showing his 21% body to everyone in the final chapter in the book and game.



Its power contains everything a robot can do and has done. Since its only at 21% we have yet to learn how far it will go with the machine. We do know that it has teleportation, invisibility, transformation, and basic magic skills.