The Unknowns Saga Wiki

The 2th volume of the series, release at 3/18/2015 with one day off its holiday deadline. Unlike volumes 0 and 1, this one has a turn battle system. Another difference is the addition of an editor and new artist. An event was plan for Max but due to the deadline the event was never added. Its an introduction to the 3 strong monsters evilen, dragoitie, and 8tive. Its consider +13 or teen due to evilen devilish appearance and the new ending character that shows too of her body parts. Unknown #0 talks to them but not much is known about 0 other than that all 3 monsters fear him.



Music by Kevin MacLeod

90% of characters by Nantoka

Samuel by Perwinklemp

8tive by Julla P

Kefira by Hofftitts

Hana by bildkonst

Adze by Stanhoneythief


With the help of ThankTheBear the story has become readable to everyone and easier translations.