The Unknowns Saga Wiki


The first ever game release for the Unknowns Saga series, approximately it takes 2 hours to read it (without skipping). Characters include #343, Aesop, Alex, Aliva, Angel, Dark Unknown, Elena, Golgi, Ie, Lena, Max, Noui, Nova, Qiao, Thu, and Tike. Everyone but Elena was added from the original story that was written from blogger. Not officially the first story so its consider volume 0 just like Unknown #0.


Launch date

Its launch date was at 12/01/14 but there was problems on finding a host file. The game would have been delayed until 12/07/14 but Angel Moreno found a host file and fix almost all the bugs. its where the first game is currently now until the website is removed (which is never).


Total cost to make the game is $0. Ren'py was free to use for anyone to make a novel game. Every background comes from a Pixabay, the music is also free from Kevin MacLeod which can be use in any project. Characters themselves are from Nantoka who has donate her artwork to a program that allows users to customise it any way they want.