The Unknowns Saga Wiki

A spin off for the Unknowns Chronicles, its the backstory of many characters that could not have their back stories told in the Saga series. Every new volume of the Saga will have a new character with full story, however its is told in the characters viewpoint. The endurance of life section is what defines the game as 'slice of life anime' with characters doing everyday life and might even show deleted or new characters. On, 01/29/15 it was removed and only become available to people who donated at patreon.

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Hidden Events

Darkness first appears in the Chronicles with a message.

First time RPG turn based is used but only in the demo version.

Nova hidden secret is reveal.

Aliva and Elena classmates only appears in the Chronicles.

Artist and Musician

Characters are done by Nantoka (character host, Darkness not included)

music by Kevin MacLeod