First appear in volume 2, born in another dimension in another planet called Xat. She is widely popular in Xat and it could be from her powers of teleportation. The people of Xat have claw and tail like cat figures but unclear if they are connected to Seki's race or earth cats. Often times she will disobey and do things her way, she's also very impatient. Sri is the unknowns most valuable tool for traveling, however it also very bad if she ever wants to use it for any side.



Sri's power is teleportation, due to her young age she is unable to warp anywhere in space without losing X amount of time. She is able to warp into dimensions but the law still stands that she cant travel in space without losing time. Due to this rule many believed that earth and Xat are close. Her advance version of teleportation is told but its possible that her power can go beyond that.

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