A side project from Angel Moreno, it's a multichoice visual novel to help raise awareness about suicide. The demo version describes the full summary of the game, a girl who is alone meets a teacher and their friendship starts off there. However the story shows a dark side when the player moves outside the main route, they experience the real person knowns as Aya. In the demo it shows that Aya is being hunted down by a gang member from Mexico who wants Aya to be used has a sex slave.

Aya Edit

Aya neutral

The girl who is alone and is willing to kill herself or others to find happiness. She is the only character in the story, many other were not included because the author wanted to get everyone attention. Made by Konett

Real life connections Edit

This game has a lot of real life connections that very few people know, the first one starts with suicide and the whole story is to get her to talk to you. Another connection is Aya connection to Mexico, not many people think of a red hair girl born in Mexico. Third one is Aya's gang member lore, he shows the abusive side that leads people to kill themselfs. lastly Aya random emotion is shown in the game, this part shows how friends hide dark secrets even if you known them for a long time.

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