Top: battlefield

Orbs and Battlefields are two completely different things but they do have some similarities. Both make people go away, it opens a new world, and restores damage. Battlefields are unclear on how they are made but orbs are made from an Unknowns but still unclear how a orb is made. Another mystery about orbs and battlefield is the limit of range, Noui knew that one crystal can hold the island of japan while 8tive crystals could have covered the entire Pacific ocean.

Bottom: orb



Orbs are a field that turns everything into negative view except the unknowns and people inside them. there are many kinds of orbs but the most widely use orb is the one that turns everything into negative view.



Battlefield(s) are worlds that dont belong on earth, good example is evilen world with clocks and raindrops. Unlike orbs, battlefields gives advantage to certain unknowns and creatures. Its unclear how to make one but Noui was able to do it.

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