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First appear in volume 3, she is consider to be the strongest Unknown for players having a bad time on her fights. In her profile it talked about her being from another planet, not much is known about it but it does have a earth like similarity. The reason she join dark is for the adventure, in her planet it is very peaceful thus meaning no war has ever been shown to happen. She is the first girl to join Dark's army so she considers herself the leader of every other girl that joins.



Its unclear what her power is but it does have similar traits with wonder woman and super girl.

Profile in volume 3

It's almost impossible for someone to get the message right, the language is in morse code but in a expert level. Only a few have manage to get it right and lucky someone got it right:

"She help Dark's crew make it through the dangers of space. Not much is known where she was born but often times she tells people that she would make remarks about being a boring planet and that it shares similar events with earth."