The author of 'The Unknowns Saga' series and Unknown #1 in the story, he is the only known real character in the series. At this time he is the only programer for the game, the only writer and the only 3D programer for all projects. In the story he is 10 years younger thus making the characters grow older as well. Not much is known about the real Angel but his character can tell us a little bit about him. If you look closely on Angel's character his skin is slightly pink compared to all other characters with white skin. He is on all current game volumes with Nova has his friend.


Power Edit

He holds to what's believed the most powerful power, time and space. In few battlefields he has huge advantage as well as controlling time. At a young age he cant use advance time powers but Noui still fears the basic time power. Angel's power reminds with many mysteries that could possibly be a threat to all.

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